World book day is a day celebrated on the 2nd of March in over 100 countries. The event was first celebrated in the Uk in 1997 to encourage kids from all over England to get into reading. On World Book Day, schools provide children in full-time education vouchers to encourage them to buy a book they would enjoy. This allows children to become more creative and give them a wider range of vocabulary, which is extremely useful for the future.  

On Friday the 3rd of March Burntwood school celebrated world book day by allowing students arrive to school in their best outfits and favorite characters. The theme for this year's World Book Day was to dress up from a sci-fi, fantasy or a dystopian book. Students and teachers came in as various characters from children's books such as "thing one" and "thing two" as well as characters from Mangas like "Attack on titans" .The students and the teachers' favorites were the girls dressed up as Jurassic Park dinosaurs. Their peers were amazed by their costume and took pictures with them. The school also gave students book vouchers to enjoy. This made buying books a bit more affordable. The school library also allowed students to trade their token for a book. 

As well as providing students with a token Burntwood also held a competition for the students called the 'masked reader' competition, which was a challenge for students as the aim was to guess the masked readers, who were teachers. The masked readers were from all departments in the school such as the Math's, Science, English and the humanities departments. This made it tricky for the students as some did not know who some of the teachers were but found them to be 'very recognizable'.