Wreathed in red. Restored to the great gallery of the game. A walking work of art. Vintage, beyond valuation, immune to forgery or imitation. 7 years since that teenager of touch and tease first tiptoed his way onto this historic stage, now in his immaculate maturity - MR10 back to his best.


Manchester United have been going through a never ending limbo for the past 8 years - ever since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. Since then they have relied on individual talent as oppose to teamwork. Since the appointment of Erik Ten Hag, the philosophy of the club has begun a period of metamorphosis where all 11 individuals on the pitch have begun a personal resurgence - most notably Marcus Rashford. Since the beginning of the season, Rashy has accumulated 25 goals and 9 assists - a significant bespoke record - with over 15 potential games still to go - the sky is simply the limit! 


throughout Euro 2020 , due to himself, Jadon Sancho and Bakuyo Saka all missing penalties thus costing England the Euro's. They were engulfed by a minority nation  with a villinary notion thus allowing a monumental effect on their mental health. The outcome of the Euro's forced Rashford to take a step back from football and take a greater one with charity work, he aided family's with food throughout lockdown earning the title of MBE. 

singe the arrival of Erik ten Hag, he has appointed Benni McCarthy, a former striker for West Ham , for individual sessions with Marcus. Marcus has publicly stated that the unsung hero for his success is Benny McCarthy. If he was to continue his glorious form he could be in for contention for the most prestigious personal word in football - the Ballon Dor! Hopefully Rashford's redemption has a longitivity and Isent temporary - the United boss certainly believes so deeming him " unstoppable "