With a friend’s birthday coming up I wanted to give her something a bit different to the usual presents everyone gets. I was looking around for experiences that we could go and do together, but I was struggling as everything seemed super overpriced for such a short amount of time.

That’s when I came across the Twist Museum as an advert on TikTok. I investigated it further on their website where they invite you to “Enter a playground for your perceptions” and to my surprise it was also a very reasonable price. The online booking process was so quick and easy with emails and instructions coming through straight away.

Twist Museum is perfectly located on Oxford Street, with tube stations nearby plus numerous options for shopping and dining either before or after your experience.

Consistent with the initial booking process entering the Museum was fast and efficient, we booked a time slot in advance so we could go straight through but walk ins were available too.

Upon entry we walked into a bright pink neon room with stairs to the left which spiralled down with multi-coloured bulb lights on the walls. As we got to the bottom of the stairs we were greeted and shown the free lockers to put our belongings in so we would not have to carry them around the entire time.

We walked through the rooms, each one a different interactive illusion in their own way. As we continued on there were loads of different activities and illusions to look at, each with an explanation next to each one, making it educational as well as amusing.

We spent almost an hour walking around the Twist Museum but there were no time pressures and didn’t feel rushed.

So, if you have done the usual experiences and looking for something a bit different, we would highly recommend paying the Twist Museum a visit and taking in the amazing illusions.