Voyage Youth is a charity, which provides generous support to young black teenagers to empower them, revamp themselves and give them opportunities to build up partnerships with different people from numerous career sectors. 

With the assistance of experienced tutors, mentors, educators, small corporate companies and more, the aid of Voyage Youth helps build up confidence and leadership in young leaders; mainly using fun activities, as well as meaningful and thought-provoking conversations. Voyage also provides young leaders with job-paying sessions, which not only allows young leaders to add this to their CV’s, but also helps build real experience for the workplace, and form strong relationships with their workers. 

In one of these job-paying sessions, I ask a question to one of the young leaders regarding to their time and experience whilst in Voyage. 

Q: How do you feel when working at Voyage, and does it benefit you as a person? 

Young Leader: Being in Voyage has benefitted me a lot. As a company, it’s really supportive, and I like how mentors take time to speak with us individually about our hobbies and aspirations. Their support is just generally really helpful. I also really appreciate how they focus on helping diverse backgrounds- thanks to this, I've been given opportunities that I don’t think I would’ve been able to make by myself. 

With positive messages and support, Voyage Youth continues to grow and expand, developing further and (most significantly) supporting young people with diverse backgrounds to help prepare them for the world of work.