Living in a time like ours was something we never saw coming, it was both an exciting and curious few days off school back in the throes of March 2020, but little did we know it would cement the rest of our lives...

We had an exciting and worrisome few months off school, filled with hope for the sick, and questions for our back-to-school days. One student had said "Would we ever know normal again?"

As that fear started to dwindle, we came to the realisation that our GCSE's and A-levels would be put in a compromising situation, it was definitely strange having three consecutive years of students not sit the normal exams, many teachers noted.

The after-effect of these grades undoubtedly changed the lives of so many pupils, there is always and perhaps always will be that question of What if Covid never happened?

There was a mixture of happiness and distress on our results days. But now, as we become more tolerant to the effects of Covid-19, it seems that GCSE's and A-levels have made their casual return. And perhaps it is fair to reflect on some of the positives of this burdenned virus, one A-level student had said that "i benefitted greatly from lockdown, and better yet, i enjoy A-levels more than i ever did for GCSE's because now i get to have oppurtunities that i wouldn't have had if Covid never occurred."

It thus leaves us with the question if this is really the new normal?