True Spirit is an empowering story based off of the true story of Jessica Watson who was the youngest person to successfully sail solo and unassisted non-stop around the globe. While completing this immense challenge, Jessica achieved in inspiring millions of young people around the world in how they can reach any goals or aspirations they aspire to.

After completing the challenge, Jessica wrote a book about her travels and accomplishing her dreams which continues to stay relevant to today's young people.

It’s about a girl who figured out at the age of ten what she wanted to do. She laid out a whole plan of how she would learn solo sailing tricks and then sail on her boat named Pink around the world. She did it all alone. She faced many obstacles in the form of sea storms, staying alone on the boat, losing her strength, and feeling weak and depressed but she didn’t give up. She was so strong as she thought she had to do it or die without following her dream. This gave courage to so many people to go ahead and live their dream. More than 80,000 people came to Sydney Harbour when she completed her circumnavigation of the globe and therefore could return home.

This movie was a rollercoaster of emotions as you wished you could help her during her struggles or encourage her when there was no wind. It portrayed the rawness of her story and how everything did not go to plan the whole time, but she persevered and got through it with the help of her coach and family.

However, as with all good movies there were some parts that I wish were explained or portrayed a little more. For example, the crack in her boat. This seemed like a very dangerous malfunction but the movie didn't emphasise it as much as I would've hoped. Another example is how her boat sunk 15 feet underwater upside down, yet it managed to just fly back up to the surface a few frames later. This didn't make much sense how she came out not dead, or even a little wet what with the crack, water pressure, and storm.

All in all however, this was an incredible family movie which I would recommend to everyone.