Motor racing this is a well known hobby of younge and old from all all over the world it involves skilll strength stratigies and most of all team work , all of these things make you think it could be a sport however not everyone agrees it is one . From formula one to moto bike racing these skills are alll required to compete in theses races so why is motor racing not always classified as a sport . Well the radon to this is some people do not believe it gets your heart rate up high enough to a certain level to be classified as a sport but I can telll you it does ! Even now motor racing is callled motor sport which rejustifies my point that motor racing is a sport . For example in formula one the amount of weight you lose from just one race is so significant to other sports Also the amount of g force that is put on your neck and body when going round corners is so big that without the right amount of training it can rip your neck of . Also although we may think motor racing is just what we see happening in the car we don’t see the whole picture as these riders or drivers will have had to train for months at gyms or doing exercise and surly this would count as a sport then . So what do you think is motor racing  a Sport or just a hobby