Young Royals, a hit Swedish Netflix that has just been renewed for their third and final season rumoured to air in late 2023.  

Season one of this independent show air aired on the first of July 2021 and had continued to gain traction across the globe. 

The show follows Wilhelm, prince of Sweden, played by Edvin Ryding, who was forced by his mother to attend a prestigious boarding school after a video of him getting violent at a party got leaked to the internet. At his new school prince Wilhelm navigated new friendships and love interests while also dealing with his newfound mental health issues and the saddening death of a very close family member. 

One particular school mate that caught his eye is Simon, played by Omar Rudberg. The two explore a blossoming friendship but also a new romance. As the two are getting closer Prince Wilhelm’s cousin betrays them to the worst level possible causing the world to discover their romance. The season ends on a dramatic cliff hanger, are the couple are in a rocky place.  

Season 2 aired on the first of November 2022 and continued the tragic love story of Wilhelm and Simon.  

Prince Wilhelm is still struggling to navigate his variety of never experienced before emotions, but now having the pressure of being the crown prince on his shoulders.  

After lots of communication Simon and Wilhelm make up and experience the highs and lows of teenage love but, by the end of the season he must come to the decision of whether to abdicate and continue his relationship or continue being the Crown prince and hide his true identity.  

The show is filmed in Swedish but if you want to watch the show in English the whole cast have recorded the audio in English.  

The cast and crew are currently on set filming season 3.  

You can watch the whole show on Netflix whenever you’re looking for a new binging show.