Starting from September, Burntwood has organized a show called grease. Grease included over 30 students and teachers involved. The show was organized by the head of Drama.The show went on from Tuesday the 7th until Thursday the 9th of February. 

Tickets were sold from inside the yellow building. Three pounds for students/concessions and six pounds for adults. The school even had VIP tables set out for families of eight, who were willing to pay sixty pounds. Tickets were available to the students on the 26th of January. 

The show had an orchestra led by a music teacher. The orchestra played a key role with the songs, as this was a musical.It also included dancers whose roles were choreographed by dance teachers. 

The show had students backstage sorting out the lighting and the props.They played a huge part in getting the characters to be heard by the audience. They also controlled most of the equipment backstage. 

Grease was a success as tickets were sold out in days and the show was packed with people. Many enjoyed the scenery and thought that it looked like a theatre. Families were lined up in a que with a pamphlet, ready to take their seats. 

During the show there was a 15-minute break, which allowed people to get refreshments from the cafeteria, such as cupcakes and drinks. This allowed members in the play to get ready for the next part.

The crowd was filled with excitement as the last acts were performed. People cheered loudly for the final acts and were very energetic. The last day was emotional for casts as this would be their last show at Burntwood. The audience however were incredibly pleased to be there.They found the show to be just as extravagant as the ones in theatre and definitely worth seeing!