Southeastern has announced a number of changes to its timetables again, just two months after an initial change which sparked huge amounts of customer backlash.

On December 11, Southeastern introduced a new timetable which made alterations to a number of services - including a reduction and changes to existing services in and out of central London.

Many customers have responded to these changes, claiming services have become “unreliable” and “dangerously overcrowded” over the past few weeks.

People have also told the News Shopper that the services have worsened their daily commutes into central London.

Here’s everything we know:

Changes made since January 30

Since January 30, Southeastern has added two additional services to the Cannon Street to Orpington Line.

Two services will depart from London Cannon Street at 5:36pm and 6:05pm.

Changes happening from February

13 From February 13, Southeastern will be implementing additional services to existing lines as well as making some time alterations to others.

On the Crayford to Charing Cross Line an additional service will be added at 07:33am.

The 7.09am Strood to Charing Cross service will run non-stop between New Eltham to London Bridge.

The current 8.54am service from Tonbridge to Charing Cross will now depart at the later time of 09:05am to Charing Cross, meaning commuters can travel with an off-peak ticket.

The 5.47am service from Hastings to Charing Cross will now depart at 05:43am and the 06:24 service from Ore to Cannon Street will now begin at 6.21am.

In addition to these changes, Southeastern has also advised customers that from February 13, some services will have longer trains to allow for more space for passengers.

Services with longer trains include:

• The 6.24am service from Ore to London Cannon Street

• The 7.15am service from Margate to London St Pancras

• The 6.29pm service from London Charing Cross to Ramsgate

In addition, Southeastern also advised that certain services traveling through Ashford and Tunbridge Wells will no longer shorten or lengthen and will instead remain at 12 carriages for the entire journey.

These services include:

• The 3.10pm service from Ramsgate to Charing Cross

• The 4.59pm service from Charing Cross to Ramsgate

• The 5.29pm service from Charing Cross to Ramsgate

Southeastern also claimed that it will continue to work to improve their services by reducing the number of temporary speed restrictions on the network.

It also advised customers that it will be introducing thermal-imaging technology on Metro and Mainline train fleets to “identify infrastructure faults” to detect them early to fix them to avoid delays and cancelations.

On its website, Southeastern said it would continue to monitor these changes and listen to customer feedback.

For commuter, Kat Clayton, the original changes resulted in overcrowded trains and slower services for commutes.

Kat Clayton said: “The reduction in trains with the new timetable has made them so crowded and adding stops has made them slower.

“They even warn certain rush hour trains are standing room only and that apparently seems acceptable - it isn't.

“It’s uncomfortable, trains are often delayed also, noticeably more than before”.

For commuter Sam Giles, the daily commute now feels more like a “scramble” to board the train into central London.

Sam Giles said: “The daily morning scramble to get on a train is appalling with no consideration to passenger welfare or health and safety”.

Southeastern now says it has listened to customer feedback and has implemented some alterations to the existing timetable in a bid to improve services.