There is an obvious class split in our society, and not everyone has access to the same educational possibilities as they ought to. Having the chance to give back and aid in the education of others in less fortunate circumstances is extremely important to Cyrus and Giovanna Zarrebini. Walking around the favelas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they discovered that the English language knowledge was severely limited due to a lack of learning opportunities.

As a result of this burning passion to make a change, in 2019 they established the Zarrebini foundation. As a brother and sister with the goal of gradually bringing about change and assisting in the education of Brazil's less fortunate children and adults. They give up their time to travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil to teach courses like English, Science, Mathematics, History, Engineering, Fashion, and Foreign languages, as well as Economics and Business, even though they are both full-time students in the UK. There are currently 200 pupils there, ranging in age from 5 to 60, Cyrus and Giovanna are trying to help them gain a basic understanding of their subjects of choice. Of course, with the pair both being bilingual, it allows them to engage in meaningful conversation with pupils whose English is less than stellar.

As successful students themselves, they have fully submerged themselves into the deep end by running their foundation with little support and funding. Even during the Global Pandemic, they were able to adapt to not being able to travel and be face-to-face with students. Giovanna explained to me that the use of technology allowed them to give lessons at any time possible and they were able to be more innovative whilst teaching the students who had access to technology during the quarantine period. This helped the Zarrebini foundation become more efficient as they aimed to continue to be able to develop the skills of the people of Sao Paulo

But the dynamic duo is not finished yet; in June, they plan to start a prospective expansion that might increase the number of teachers and students. This will only be advantageous to Sao Paulo's youth and adults. This Brother and Sister duo will need more than a Global pandemic to stop them as they look to reduce education inequality day by day.

It is incredibly motivating to witness these two young individuals in our society work to address the societal inequities that many in positions of authority refuse to acknowledge. Cyrus and Giovanna are bringing attention to the issue and providing those in difficult situations a chance. This tale makes me smile because it demonstrates the desire to educate the less fortunate one mind at a time.