The workplace can be a really challenging environment. Whether you’re a worker who has accumulated a build-up of stress from your workload or a business owner, desperately trying to hold your crumbling business from the outrageously never-ending pile of files that need to be completed by next week, these issues can cause you to overwhelm yourself, and affect both your work and personal life. Fortunately, there are professional coaches, who specialise in shaping your future career, and push your worries (papers) away from your desk. One particularly is an Executive Coach and HR Professional, called Jasmine Naomi Mcclymont, who has started her own business called Clear Resolve. 

“I started Clear Resolve in 2020.” Spoke Jasmine. “My company’s actually called Admin Resolve Limited, and I started it during lockdown after having lost my job and was unable to be furloughed at the time. So I started Admin Resolve as a way to start a business that I finally wanted to do. I always wanted to do it, and I was providing virtual administration services. Now, over the course of me doing that over the year, I, realized that, as part of my role, I was coaching many people, helping them in their business, and I find that consulting and coaching was more up my street, as opposed to doing administration work. So, I have changed the company to Clear Resolve, after being quiet after a year, I started it back up again, so Clear Resolve exists to provide coaching and training services, for organisations, um, mainly for first-time managers, to help develop them as future leaders, and to give them the tools that they need to develop high-perform teams.”  

Jasmine feels that she’s still finding her feet, and that she’s still learning a lot of processes and systems etc. To get her business off the ground, but the business is new and exciting. In 12 months' time, she believes that it will do very well. 

A new year should bring a new you, and what better place to bring an improved version of yourself, than in the workplace? With an ambition to improve the management of organisations, Jasmine Mcclymont is ready to put her left foot forward, and stride towards changing characters into the leaders of tomorrow.