Apple TV+ was launched on 1st November, 2019, and currently has approximately 25 million users. However, the streaming service faces big competition such as Netflix (which has over 200 million subscribers), Disney+ (around 164 million subscribers), and more. Comparatively, Apple TV+ is a lesser known streaming service, but it certainly deserves more recognition.


Apple TV+ is competitively priced, at just £6.99 per month, compared to Netflix’s Standard subscription for £10.99 per month and Amazon Prime for £8.99 a month. Apple TV+ is a more affordable option for a streaming service, but that does not mean it lacks quality.


Despite its smaller subscription base, Apple TV+ has managed to make some of the most iconic recent shows and movies including ‘Ted Lasso’, a comedy nominated for 20 Primetime Emmy Awards and 4 Emmy wins, ‘Coda’, a movie which won ‘Best Picture’ at the 2022 oscars, and ‘Severance’, a TV show with 2 Emmy wins and multiple nominations. 


Apple TV+ is bursting with incredible movies and TV shows waiting to be watched, but what makes them so great and worth the (affordable) price? One thing that all of the content on Apple TV+ has is amazing representation and diversity. The shows and movies contain characters from all ethnicities, sexualities and physical abilities. It was surprising but amazing to see that so many communities that had been completely sidelined or stereotyped in TV in the past such as asians, muslims, people with disabilities and more were given big and respectful roles that challenged the stereotypes and provided important representation for people worldwide.


Additionally, all the shows and movies are full of heart, comedy and intense drama. They have compelling storylines, loveable characters and unpredictable twists. A lot of the content on Apple TV+ is very highly rated on IMDB, for example, Severance is 8.7/10 from 132K people, The Morning Show is 8.3/10 from 104K people and Ted Lasso is 8.8/10 from 225K people. 


Despite the high ratings, competitive price and quality content, Apple TV+ has significantly less subscribers than its competitors. This may be due to the fact that it’s relatively new and isn’t advertised as widely, but it is growing rapidly and may even become a major streaming service in the coming years. Overall, Apple TV+ is worth the subscription because of its entertaining, diverse and unique content combined with its low subscription price, making it an easy decision.