For 30 years, Link Age Southwark has been providing invaluable support to members of my local  community through their range of services, helping reduce feelings of isolation in individuals over 60, and people of any age living with dementia. From one-to-one befriending, to hospital buddies, to specialist dementia services, Link Age Southwark provides much needed opportunities for over 700 service users across the borough.

Taking part in group activities provided by this charity, including singing, yoga, gentle exercise, and seated dance, have numerous physical and mental health benefits, leaving individuals feeling happier, more relaxed, and energised.  When asked about their experience with Link Age Southwark, one service user said 'I really love LAS groups and services, I keep recommending LAS to others. Everyone is kind and caring and the groups focus on the real needs of older people helping us to keep our minds and bodies active, it makes a lot of difference.'  Another said 'I just love the care and variety of activities you come up with. It is the highlight of my week.'

Especially as we ease out of the Covid-19 period, getting involved with the fantastic activities provided by LAS helps older individuals meet new people, make friends, and stay fit, essential for alleviating feelings of loneliness that the past few years may have brought.

Volunteers are integral to the work of this charity, and numerous opportunities are available to help out, not only benefiting the community, but also boosting personal wellbeing.  One volunteer said, “I feel very fortunate that volunteering with Link Age Southwark gives me a way to help tackle important issues facing older people in Southwark, that I would otherwise not know how to do.”

As a young fundraiser for Link Age Southwark, I myself have really enjoyed helping out in the past, and would encourage others to do so too.  For example, I was involved in the Christmas Carol Concert last year, which was an uplifting community event, with mince pies, mulled wine and beautiful music, enjoyed by all who attended.  I’m looking forward to more events in the future - to celebrate their 30th anniversary, LAS is hosting a sponsored Strollathon and Sunset Soirée to mark the special occasion, and all they have achieved over the years.

Though a small charity, Link Age Southwark's impacts are huge to both service users and volunteers across Southwark. For further information, and how to get involved in volunteering, visit the LAS website: