In Epping Forest there are some fantastic opportunities to engage in, such as camping, cycling ,walks and etc. Epping Forest is one of the largest forests in the uk it is the largest open spaces in London it covers at least 6,000 acres, stretching from manor park in East London to just of the north of Epping in Essex and it covers some boroughs in London so this means this forest is very large and i have heard from some people who have experienced one of the activities themselves they did a walk with some organisation who organise these activities in the forest. My cousin said 'The walk was a very good experience and epping forest is a calm and peaceful place to be in and to reflect however the walk was long but it was worth it'.


Epping forest is also an ancient forest that has been in the land since the tudor years this is very interesting because of how long this large forest has been in England and how beautiful the forest is the forest also has three visitor centres epping forest gateway at Chingford another area where the forest also covers in essex and Queen Elizabeth hunting lodge and the temple in Wanstead park.This gives an insight of what happens in epping forest this is very intruiging that people do this in the forest,this shows that if you really want to go to the forest and do activities and experience and didnt know about these fun activities that happen in the forest this is your chance to go on an exiciting adventure.