To make a jumpstart to the new year, locals prepped their fireworks and brought bags filled with them to a park nearby. The organizers came with their family approximately 20 minutes before 12AM. As people gathered around, the fireworks were getting set up, many children were giggling from excitement. After the first few fireworks, locals gathered around.

Later, a group of people arrived to set up more fireworks, many were beginning to feel concerned and questioned if it is safe. However, they were then reassured as fireworks popped off without anything dangerous happening to them or their kids. 

Some have described this as a "memorable moment" as they watched the show with their loved ones and "definitely a key memory". 

When I questioned one of the locals about their thoughts on the show, she said, "Today has been one of the most memorable days of my life, I am surrounded by so many of my loved ones. We enjoyed watching the show from our window so we came to the park to see it closer. My children had such a wonderful time and were happy. For me, this show was delightful and something to remember. I loved how some of my neighbors and their kids were here. It gave me an opportunity to be more social as I usually spend the new year with just my children". 

Overall, many of the locals and those who set up the fireworks can agree that the show was a delight and a fun experience to be a part of and to see.