The Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge workshop, which was led by an expert, took place in Burntwood school on Friday the 13th of January. The workshop was an exciting opportunity for students to speak out on topics that are important to them or a time to talk about one of their most embarrassing moments. It built up a lot of courage in students and allowed them to show their full potential.  

It was an opportunity to be heard and to introduce yourself to students who are not as familiar with you than others. It created new friendships and closer bonds with your peers. Many students found it an incredibly fun experience and something to remember. 

A student who attends the school and participated in the workshop had lots to say about it, such as "I think that the workshop really helped with building my confidence and made me more comfortable speaking in front of a lot of people. I had also learnt new things about my peers and what they believe in and their personality for example whether they were more introverted or extroverted. The expert helped me use my voice more and encouraged me to tell my story. He was helpful when I asked for his opinion on my speech and was supportive of it even when I stuttered. I can finally say that I feel more brave speaking in front of others than before I did the workshop. I recommend doing it even if it is for fun."

The workshop has proven to be helpful in daily lives and an extreme pleasure. Many found it easier to talk in front of lots of people than they did before and think of the workshop a step to reach your full potential.