French, Spanish, German, Latin. These are the options we hear when choosing our subjects for GCSE. In some cases, pupils have to do a language at school but have you ever thought of why?


Learing a language improves your communication skills, confidence, enhanced memory and many other benefits. However, learing a language is hard! It is very time consuming, requires a stong memory and a lot of motivation to get started.


Many schools have languages as an option as they believe it is fun and interesting but not all pupils agree with their teachers. Daisy Adair said that 'learning Spanish is fun but there is so much work to do because of all of the vocabulary and pronunciation.' Talia Matthew who does French and Spanish said that 'it's difficult doing two languages because it gets confusing sometimes and it takes a lot of time'.

Languages are proven to be one of the most interesting subjects but this doesn't mean that we should have to take them. 

In the future, learning a language can give you more opportunities, for example, a job in the global marketplace. You will also be more prepared and confident to travel the the world and to explore other cultures. Being bilingual also helps you multitask in other aspects of your life. So, in summary, learning a language is great!


However, some people disagree. Why is it necessary to learn a language if you want nothing to do with it in the future? All it does is stress you out trying to remember the terms. The speaking exam is hard to prepare for and causes anxiety leading up to it! 

Overall, learning a language at school is hard but can benefit your future a lot, which is why we are encouraged to learn them! What do you think about learning languages?