Once a coal-powered energy station that closed for business in 1983, Battersea power station is now home to high end stores, restaurants, and a fantastic cinema. Along the Southbank, in Battersea, this establishment is a perfect way to spend a balanced day. The vast well-lit space is immediately striking when entered. For an element of learning, along the floors you can find information dedicated to the history and renovation of the power station. Battersea power station houses clothing stores such as Abercrombie and fitch, a multi floor Uniqlo, Adidas, Lululemon, Ralph Lauren and Superdry; accessorising and cosmetic stores such as Jo Malone, the Body Shop, L’Occitane and MAC cosmetics; restaurants and cafes for example Starbucks, Leon, Gordon Ramsey burger kitchen, Poke house, Pret A Manger, Paul’s, and Battersea Brewery just to name a few. The number of stores and variety in such a small space is surreal and upon visitation I was amazed. This is a space where one could spend hours, it has everything you could need for a day trip with family, friends, or any other loved ones. It is extremely accessible and quite an unknown clear space, hardly busy at all. The stores are all fantastic, eye-capturing and the perfect space for a day out. It is home to stores in all price ranges with lots of seating area for resting and breaks. The surrounding area is also full of life and beauty so if you are looking for a fun, educational, exciting way to spend your time, Battersea power station is ideal for you.