Hackney is the worst-hit London borough for bike theft, new data reveals.

A total of 1,869 bike theft offences were recorded in Hackney by the Metropolitan Police between January and December 2022.

Camden came out as the fourth highest borough, with 1,567 offences, and Islington as the seventh with 1,268.

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The north London boroughs with the lowest levels of this crime are situated outside the central London zones.

Harrow has the second lowest levels of bike-theft last year, at 144, and Enfield was fourth with 201 offences.

Nick Titchener, criminal defence solicitor at Lawtons Solicitors, said: "We are seeing from the latest data that bike thefts are soaring in central London with the outer boroughs minimally impacted in comparison.

"More people living and commuting around London will rely on cycling in the New Year for a number of reasons.

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"The cost of living crisis after Christmas will impact people’s travel plans, commuters will be seeking more low-cost options and with January well-known for those planning a health kick, the number of cyclists on the roads in London will increase. 

"Only 1.1% of all bike thefts lead to a formal sanction, including a suspect being charged or receiving a caution.

"This figure is unchanged compared to 20/21 data, so those planning to cycle into London’s central zones in the New Year are being urged to take extra precautions by locking up their bikes somewhere safe or investing in efficient security measures and locks that will deter criminals from stealing their bikes."