David Bowies first hit was “Space Oddity” (1969) which was played over the UK television footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing and since he has made 26 studio albums and 128 singles. His biggest album being “lets dance” selling 10.7 million copies world-wide.

Bowie collaborated with many other artists such as Queen, Mick Jagger and John Lennon which got him his first no. 1 hit in USA charts with the song “Fame”.


Bowie has always been known for his alter egos his most well-known alter ego was introduced on February 10th, 1972, debuting as Ziggy Stardust in the Toby Jug Pub. Before Ziggy came Major Tom hist first alter ego being referenced in his songs “Space Oddity” (where he is depicted as an astronaut) , “Ashes to Ashes”(where Major Tom is a ‘junkie’), “Hallo Spaceboy” ,and “Blackstar”. 

After Ziggy came Aladdin Sane, the name itself is a pun for “A Lad Insane”, described by many as ‘Ziggy goes to America’. During 1975-1976 Bowie introduced The Thin White Duke, which consisted of white monochrome to promote his ”Young Americans” album. 


Throughout Bowies life he appeared in over 30 movies, televisions shows and theatrical productions including Labyrinth (1986), Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (1983) and staring in the elephant man on Broadway in September of 1980.


In 1992 bowie married the supermodel Iman until 2016 January 10th, when he died due to liver cancer. Together they had one daughter Alexandria jones who is now a model, taking after Iman.

In December of 2021 Iman did an interview with vouge touring around her and Bowie’s home while also explaining the relationship the two shared and how she processed everything after his passing.