Vaping. Society knows it as the step down from smoking, despite various ongoing research platforms telling us that it is just as bad. For some reason, even with the law prohibiting the use of vaping products for citizens under the age of 18, I'm seeing firsthand the rising prominence of the market in minors and teenagers.

If it wasn't apparent.....this is a problem. Like, a big, big, problem. Four days ago, I discovered one of my friends had been vaping since maybe around a year ago. He had required the help of nicotine packets to force himself to quit a couple months ago. The two days ago, I found out a good friend I considered to be far, far from any form of substance abuse tried vaping outside of school. I had to pressure him all throughout last night in order to convince him to quit before it grew out of hand.

The ridiculous fashion in which someone my age can obtain a vape is absolutely ridiculous. It blows my mind to see my peers and friends getting their hands on items that are just as illegal for them to take as any alcohol or cigarette. Vape shops are littered across the high street, and there's always going to be more than one shopkeeper willing to hand a couple vapes across the counter for a tenner or so. And for some one cares! These smoky glow sticks can be more addictive than actual cigarettes themselves, and we're happily giving them to children?

I'm going to be completely honest here. The lads in my school are dealing vapes to each other under the table and the teachers are more concerned about us selling god damn Prime drinks. I mean, come on. They're so blissfully unaware, I highly doubt they're even aware of what's happening.

I'm not the kind of activist guy who begs for change. Because I know I'm one child who doesn't have enough world experience to be wise or influence to inspire worthwhile change. I just wanted to use this article to tell the three people who are going to read it...... this sucks.