For those living in London, or simply over for a visit at Christmas time, the lights in London are a must see to get you in the festive spirit. This year the lights shone from mid-November to early January and over this festive period continued to wow shoppers and visitors alike.


One of the most popular lights on show in London are the must see ‘The Spirit of Christmas,’ lights that are on display above Regent’s Street. The 45 angels made of thousands of LED lights appear to soar above shoppers and really add to the festive feel that this city brings.  These lights often end up on the top of everyone’s list of favourite London Christmas lights and in my opinion, rightfully so.


Another fan favourite is the Oxford Street lights which come in the form of over 5,000 golden stars hanging above the busy street. These lights were actually the first to be turned on this year; they started shining on the 2nd of November ahead of all the other Christmas lights. This starry display, whose official name is ‘A Sky Full Of Stars,’ is truly magical to look at and their simpleness is just as effective as you would imagine, leaving all who see it starry-eyed.


This year the lights on Bond Street have had a royal makeover and instead of the peacock feathers that for the past 8 years we’ve grown to love, they’ve been replaced by a selection of royal-inspired jewellery, including a crown. These lights were originally made for the Queen’s platinum jubilee in the summer but now also serve as a final hurrah for our late Queen.


The big luxury stores and brand names also did the city proud with an extravagant display by the likes of Chanel, Dior and Cartier who each turned their shopfronts in to a dazzling and shimmering festive display.  Perhaps the most creative branded display of all was at Fortnum & Mason, where the store’s 300-year-old building was turned into a seasonal advent calendar.


For those of you wondering if such extravagance is really necessary during a cost-of-living crisis and with energy bills soaring, this year there have been changes made to help reduce energy usage and make the lights more eco-friendly.  LED lights are being used and there are reduced hours which means cutting costs by a two-thirds compared to last year. 


Since 1954, when Regent’s Street’s first Christmas lights were put up and the tradition for Christmas lights in London begun, they have become an iconic part of the city’s festive traditions. For many people Christmas only truly begins when the lights in London are lit, and I have to agree that seeing the Christmas lights is one of my favourite seasonal activities that gets me in the festive spirit. So, if you are ever in London around Christmas time, this should be a must on your to do list.