From a new interview to an new autobiography, Prince Harry has once again caused the reputation of the Royal Family to fall even further. The Royal Family has endured scandal after scandal, with Prince Andrew's alleged sexual assault the clear frontrunner for most scandalous. 

One of the Queen's sons, the Duke of York being allegedly heavily involved in the Epstein scandal. His accuser, Virginia Giuffre says the Duke sexually assaulted her on three separate occasions. The case was settled without an admission of guilt, but this didn't mean the damage on the Royal Family was any less. This ordeal affected the Queen severly. She would've felt extremely disappointed and embarassed by accusations that took over the front pages of every newspaper aimed at her son. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the Royal Family was a historic event. A married couple leaving the security and wealth of the Royal Family sparked major question marks over the motives as to why they left. Then the Royals was embarassed when Meghan Markle, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, said that somebody in the Royal Family expressed concerns about the colour of Meghan and Harry's first born. Once again, the Royal Family's reputation took another hit, and the public opinion dives. 

Prince Harry and Meghan recently recently released a new, in-depth documentary on Netflix which dived into the scrutiny their relationship was under. Some felt empathic for their situation, others felt anger, but everyone could agree on the serious damage that was inflicted and were scared of what was to come. 

All of these scandals involving the Royal Family don't just affect them, it affects the entire country. They have always been seen as a beacon of hope, and a sign of greatness in Britain, but these scandals have caused the influence and public opinion of the Royals to plummet. The late Queen Elizabeth II was loved by every Brit, despite the scandals, she was always seen as the well-spoken, kind, caring monarch who was the figurehead of the British values that we aspire to fulfill. 

The Royal Family changed and influenced the lives of many in Britain, and all these scandals have caused the public to lose faith in the monarchy. I don't believe the Royals will ever be able to recover, especially with more coming out through Harry's new autobiography, Spare, which accuses Prince William of being violent towards him, and Prince Harry finding out about the death of his Grandma through BBC News. The Royal Family has fallen from greatness and heroism to distaste and dispirit.