London's weather from November 2022 has been rather much colder than expected, which creates an illusion of shorter days for people as time goes much faster due to the mornings being dark outside and by early afternoon it's the same situation.

This can affect society's general mood to feeling different emotions, which aren't talked about as often.

Over the Christmas holidays, there has only been a day or two of snow depending on which area of London it would of been, but there was a joyful time even with as little as a few centimeters of snow for everyone, since Christmas was coming up.

Snow is a very traditional part of the ideal Christmas which brings happiness to people as it's snow-flakes are special and unique, the white of the snow create a rather looking peaceful scenery to look outside the window on a snowy day.

Temperatures back in December 2022 have dropped low to around -4°c as some times, which is very rare to have negative degree weather in the UK, it's more common in Europe, but fortunately temperatures have been slowly increasing preparing a few months ahead for spring to be here soon enough.

Winter is a hard time to adjust to for a number of people as for some the near to instant change in levels of sunlight we receive change quite a lot in our lives. As people stay inside more and actually detach from normal activities.This also is a good time for people to rest and relax from everyday responsibilities.