The event was held in Soho, London. It went on for 3 days starting from Monday the 19th of December till Wednesday the 21st of December. 

Fans of the show "Wednesday" attended the event and had queued up for more than 2 hours to get in. The wait went on for hours and many complained. However, there was a bit of entertainment going on while people lined up outside the event. The man cosplayed as Lurch entertained families and groups of people in the que by handing out hot chocolates and taking pictures with them as well as putting on a fearful act which many were spooked by. 

The event was a good opportunity to take pictures with characters such as Lurch (Wednesdays driver) and his car, which was a similar model to the car used in the film to drive the main character around, and Uncle Fester who is known for his comedic role in the show. The crowd surrounded the 1950 Cadillac hearse edition as they took pictures with and without Lurch. The public were also entertained by women dressed as Wednesday, who walked around insulting the people in the lines. 

Inside the pop-up event, there were 3 rooms. The first two rooms were for photos. The first one included Wednesdays and another character Enid's room as a background for the pictures. Past that room there was another and towards its entrance was Wednesday's desk which had her typewrite on it as well as a few items of her own and to the right was a lady dressed as Wednesday who played an instrument appearing to be a cello. In the 2nd room, you could take photos with uncle Fester and observe the change of scenery. In the 3rd room fans were in for a treat as they received free hot chocolates which had Wednesdays initial on it or her face. You were also able to get a free brownie!