Although, one of the most popular subjects, it's also one of the most difficult subjects due to the vast amount of concepts. This is because you explore three different areas: pure maths, mechanics and statistics which can make it seem like you're doing three subjects instead of one.


Modern foreign languages


Modern foreign languages are one of the hardest A-Levels because of the huge variety of aspects you're tested on as it's not enough to write in your chosen language but to also be able to have listening, speaking and comprehension skills.




A-Level music is extremely challenging because of the technical content you have to learn and having the technical knowledge to be able to create your own piece of music. Also, you must be at an extremely high and well respected level on your chosen instrument.


Further maths

Further maths requires a high degree of mathematical ability and application. You have to answer difficult questions requiring an in-depth understanding of extremely hard mathematical concepts. The exams are also very long, ranging from two to three hours with each question taking extensively long to work out as one question requires 2-3 pages of working out.



Physics is one of the hardest subjects you can take out there. This is due to the complex content that is covered and the difficulty of the exam questions. In addition, you will need a high level of mathematical knowledge to excel in physics A-Level.