Pantos at christmas are most definitely one of my favorite traditions and as a young child in primary I would look forward to them all year round. many children can remember going to at least one pantomime in their life , a tradition within schools for years. A normal interactive play which brought children many joy and laughter whether they admired the clown the most or the villain and I remember waiting patiently for the interval for the ice cream to be quite honest the ice cream was my favorite part. Though now looking back on those plays I watched they were not as normal as I thought . Recently I took a visit to the robin hood production at Greenwich theatre and I relived these years as a child watching those pantos . When you go a few years older you relies how blinded you were as a child . What I thought was normal clearly changed . As I entered the theatre my first thought was how gad I am to be inside and not in the freezing cold and as I walked to my seat and waited for the play to begin I wondered in fact would this play be how I imagined they were when I was younger and they were definitely not. As the curtains drew back I immediately burst into laughter by the sight of a man fully dressed in sparkly clothes with a full face of make up and huge antlers on his head saying some deep and low toned words into a microphone as the play went on it got even better it honestly looked like a primary school production on a cheap budget with teachers playing half the roles . I didn’t think it would get any better until the villain entered the scene . The absolute amount of tears rolling down my cheeks from how funny this play was was substantial . Watching a panto 5 / 10 years later was much more funny . If I would suggest you to do one thing this winter it would be to go to watch a panto and even better one on low budget because I cant tell you how  funny it is