Wednesday 30th November 2022


If you are looking for a festive and jollly place to be this holiday, you might just dream to find yourself in the wonder's of Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland! The annual event runs from late November until the beginning of January.

This place has fun waiting for every member of the family. From just a park in central London, you can experience a tast of almost every culture thanks to the amazing food stalls. You could dive into anything from a divine hot chocolate or even into an original Bratwurst. 

I will not deny that I have an underlying fear of heights, but just the thought about the amazing view you would get from the Big Wheel convinved me to go on. And so, the wheel gave me a vision like never before...   not only could you see the view of Winter Wonderland, but also the magnificent city of London that surrounds it! This is truly exhilarating at Christmas time - all the lights make you feel as though you are starring in a Christmas film! 


When on the wheel, Shreya Pillai aged 16, stated that 'Winter Wonderland is just the thing to get me in the Christmas spirit!'