In the hustle and bustle of London, it can be difficult to pause and reflect on a day's work as we are so wrapped up in our own lives.

It's a busy time to be a year 13 student currently, many things are on the agenda such as UCAS applications, Revision, and finding time to do things we enjoy. Therefore taking a pause and reflecting helps give me clarity with the things I set out to achieve. Whether that be playing sports or looking to just get out of the house, Westminster is a place for me to escape to.

I travel to Westminster every day and I often find that I am guilty of falling into this trap. In the distance, is arguably one of the most favorite landmarks in the world but somehow I manage to ignore it. The walk along Westminster bridge takes you to an incredibly special viewpoint of London and if you haven't experienced this view, Get yourself down there!

As well as this, if there are any enthusiastic photographers reading, walking down the bridge is essential as it provides you with endless photo opportunities and breathtaking views. 

If you ever find yourself along the bridge, never forget your camera but try to forget your troubles, you would be surprised what gets lost in the river.