London's weather has been getting colder and colder by the day. This also comes along with having shorter days as it gets dark outside by 4:30pm, affecting peoples daily routines.

The Autumn leaves have left their trees, painting the grounds orange with a hint of green and brown.

The branches are shown defining the tree's skeleton, showing how leaves make a difference in its appearnace. The still trees of London made a better view to appreciate the sky  at sunrise and sunset, as well as creating a mood just in time for christmas which is a sign of preparation by nature for the cold winter.

The temperature overnights will drop to -1 degrees celcius which is just in time for the month of December to begin. London is famous for its cold and rainy weather during all year long, which is reasonable since the United Kingdom is surrounded by the ocean as its a huge island separated from Europe.

The trees' leaves are beggining to blend in the the surrounding buildings as the dark shade of orange is a similar shade to the colour of brick walls. Although trees loosing their leaves isn't anything shocking as its a natural process which takes place each October-November, but it always brings different outcomes which is what is so special about the nature surrounding us in London a this very time.  

Now the next time London see's beautiful and full of colour trees will be around March when spring begins its journey, but for now, winter is fast approaching.