Brain health is linked to exercising. Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain which can drastically improve memory and help you think. Exercise also has a way of lowering levels of stress hormones through the release of endorphins which help increase the feeling of well-being. Another factor exercise can help with is preventing illnesses. Working out can actually help prevent and possibly treat dementia, Alzheimer’s and even brain ageing. This is due to the increased blood flow helping with memory and the reduction of neuroinflammation. From a recent study, a group of girls who had a test the next day and exercised the night before actually found out to do better, than the girls who didn’t exercise. 


The heart also has lots of benefits when the body’s moving. When exercising, your body will get stronger over time. This also happens with your heart. When you have a strong heart, your blood pressure will be lower. By having a lower blood pressure, your risk of heart failure and hypertension decreases. A lower blood pressure can reduce your change of stroke by roughly 25%! A strong heart also means a decrease in the chance of having a heart attack. 

This is due to the good blood circulation and the lower cholesterol that exercise helps to offer. 


Exercise also improves mental health. This is because during exercise, the levels of chemicals and hormones change in your brain which helps to regulate your mood. Exercise also can improve how you feel because it can help improve your sleep and the more sleep you get, the more energised and less stressed you are. 

Exercise can also help with mental health and it improves your self esteem. This is due to feeling good about a goal you may have set. Exercise can also offers a chance to come together as a team and socialise, if you exercise with others. Ciara McDonald said “Exercise improves my health significantly. Every time I do exercise it really improves my mood”


Exercise can really help your overall health and make you feel more happy. It can be running a marathon or even walking through a park. When it comes to exercise, do what feels right for you.