After Boris Johnson’s resignation, it only went downhill. Liz Truss set a new record of 45 days as Prime Minister, leaving me wondering if we can have confidence in Rishi Sunak lasting longer than his predecessor. 

It all began to go wrong when Boris Johnson left office. Creating a leadership war in the middle of a national crisis; this was the last thing the country needed. Liz Truss was on uneasy ground from the moment she became Prime Minister. Looking after a country that didn’t vote for her was never going to be easy. We began to see failure after failure, leaving the country cringing at her efforts.

From the disaster that was the mini budget to the death of a Monarch, things became harder and harder for Liz Truss. Eventually leaving after 45 days, she left parliament with her head in her hands. Gaining a departure video on Channel 4 to Blank Space by Taylor Swift, one of her favourite songs.

Leaving the country in turmoil, with the pound at an all time low and inflation soaring, we needed a new Prime Minister. A shock came to the country when Boris Johnson returned from holiday to run in the leadership race. Panic rose as Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt went head-to-head.

With Boris pulling out of the race and Penny abandoning her spot minutes before the results, Rishi Sunak was announced as the UK’s Prime Minister. Many promises were made but the question is, will they be fulfilled? With twelve years of Conservative leadership and five Prime Ministers, a trend is beginning to take shape.

However, it seems to look like Rishi Sunak is being given a chance to recover the Conservative party’s awful track history and get the country back in shape. There is hope we will keep him for Christmas, but beyond that, I’m not so sure.