There is nothing quite like locking eyes with a Jaguar. 


Once I reached the jaguar enclosure, the magnificent feline began to emerge from the shrubbery. Delicately placing each paw in front of the other to reveal the artwork that was illustrated all over his fur, each rosette was placed with precision to make a tawny and ebony sea of smudges. He prowled towards us, inquisitive but still dignified. His tail swayed from side to side like a metronome and his golden eyes glistened as they met mine.  


Although the jaguar could not communicate verbally, his eyes spoke a thousand words. His golden orbs spoke of faraway scorching deserts, wine filled goblets reserved for royalty, precious bangles and brooches hidden in bustling market squares. But soon enough his stories had finished. The jaguar turned his back and crept back into the shrubbery. He knows I am not the last person his eyes will enchant. 


Jaguars are solitary creatures that prefer keeping to themselves. When I asked a zookeeper about this particular jaguar, they told me that he is rarely seen far from the outskirts of his cage and is not known to be too fond of people. After hearing this I thought I must have met a different jaguar, a jaguar like this could not have communicated with many people. Although, I guess that is what made locking eyes with a jaguar so special.