Diwali is a wonderful and joyful celebration for all Hindus. Lighting the entire house with bright diya lamps always brings joy to the household. This day is dedicated to commemorating the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. In India and many other countries that also celebrate Diwali, a spectacular sight of lit clay lamps can be seen beautifully lined up and arranged outside everyone's houses.

Townley Grammar School and Yog Foundation decided to celebrate Diwali by showcasing the room with a million diya. To allow everyone to take their time and fully appreciate the space, the school assigned a specific time and day for each form from each year to view the room. Inside the room, a smaller temporary room could be found. Inside that room, you could see mirror lined walls with golden string lights hanging off each wall. As you can see in the accompanying photo, the mirrors on the walls gave the stunning impression that there were golden stars lighting up the entire room. Many people said it also resembled lit diya lamps.

Ashvika Thavaseelan, a year 10 Townley student, kindly shared her views with me. ''The sight looked magical and absolutely beautiful. I felt so awestruck when I entered inside. I absolutely loved it!'' This clearly shows how much this room was appreciated and loved by many people. 

It is truly commendable how much work and effort Townley and Yog Foundation have put into making that stunning vision a reality and how they have celebrated Diwali is absolutely admirable. I hope that many more celebrations can be celebrated uniquely like this.