The event based in Hyde Park, London, is known for its incredible shows and scrumptious but expensive food .The public are filled with excitement and are very eager to join in on the countless activities available such as: the ice sculpting workshop, ice skating etc. The event has many activities available and children are filled with joy as they pass through the entrance. The fairground is best known for its exciting shows, extravagant rides and its tasty churros stand. The event is a place for all ages and is very family friendly. Winter wonderland is filled with numerous rides to go on such as: The Dragon's Nest, The Giant Wheel and Cirque Berserk! Many are thrilled to go on the huge rides and visitors are taken aback after seeing the beautiful lights surrounding the park. 

The people of London have lots to say about the event such as,Ahmed Hussain ,who said, "i think that Winter Wonderland is an amazing experience for people of all ages to enjoy winter in London as it usually rains a lot. It is a good chance to bring people together to celebrate Winter. The scenery is just so gorgeous and the food was expensive but definitely worth it.The workshop stands are really fun too.However, it's not affordable for everyone and way too expensive nowadays. You shouldn't need to book what rides to go on as well as paying for the entry".The event will continue to go on until the 2nd of January 2023 and tickets are up for sale on the website.