In the past few years, our world has become ever so more consumed by social media. Arguably the leading platform in popularity - Youtube, has taken the world by storm recently with its bold introduction of stunts, pranks, philanthropy and many more engaging videos.


Namely the best of all, Youtuber MrBeast, has just recently overtaken the reigning Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) as the most subscribed individual.


Felix Kjellberg rose to fame back in August 2013, where his gaming and reaction videos incrementally launched his subscriber count upwards until he reached around 111M subscribers.


But fast-rising philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, has just gained his 112 millionth subscriber this month.


MrBeast is reputedly prominent worldwide for his videos which are uploaded onto the platform Youtube, which comprise huge cash giveaways, prizes such as cars, houses and millions of dollars, as well as philanthropic channels.


In 2021, Jimmy Donaldson launched a separate channel on Youtube that had a philanthropy-related theme attached to it, where he does acts such as feeding and giving back to poorer communities. 


Alongside this, he and another Youtuber Mark Rober collaborated together to launch international fundraisers, called TeamSeas and TeamTrees, which aimed to alleviate environmental problems such as pollution in seas and deforestation. 

These campaigns proved to be successful to Jimmy’s career, raising funds of over £50 million and bringing his popularity to the very top.


Other than MrBeast, the only channels on Youtube that currently have subscriber counts higher than him are companies and television media shows and channels, such as T-Series, Nursery Rhyme Channel “Cocomelon”, SET India and more.

His most viewed video was a recreation of the popular Netflix show “Squid Game”, which to date has received over 300 million views in under a year, bringing revenue amounts of more than 3-4 million dollars.

This monumental point in Donaldson’s career, as well as him accumulating millions of subscribers on his other gaming and reaction channels, and his passionate acts of kindness and philanthropy, are reasons why he may be one of the top, if not the very best content creator the world has ever witnessed thus far.