In recent years, there has become a popular phenomenon - thrifting. A mere two decades ago thrifting was unknown and viewed as a lifestyle for those in poverty. Contrary to now where it is competing with large-retail stores.

What is thrifting?

Thrifting is a phrase used to describe the purchases of used, donated clothes for cheap and affordable prices. Often, people go to charity stores such as Oxfam or more popular chains such as Rotkit. Thrifting since the early 2010s has become extremely popular. The resale market has grown 21 times faster due to a variety of reasons with Generation Z  being the main:

  • Affordable

Thrifting is an extremely cheap option to buy designer and branded clothes. It liberates individuals as people are able to shop without looking at the price tag. People can change their clothing style and aesthetic without being on a budget.

  • Variety

Thrifting has a range of options from vintage clothes from the 90’s to new, modern clothing brands and as we as a generation are the most photographed generation in history we have a need for fresh and different outfits each time. So thrifting enables us to easily change up your wardrobes. 

  • Awareness

As a generation, we are familiar with  contemporary issues such as fast fashion's sustainability problem. Consequently, there have been tons of landfills filled with unwanted clothes. However, it seems like thrifting is solving this issue hopefully. 


Amongst all the negative impacts happening to our world due to the rise in social media, the tremendous increase in thrifting is a triumph for our generation. One that should be acknowledged.