Description: Harry Dunn dangerous driving case brought forward - BBC NewsOn 27th August 2019, a 44 year old woman was accused of causing the car crash that killed a 19 year old boy, Harry Dunn. As she was an American citizen, she claimed diplomatic immunity (not being trialled for crimes in another country) and moved back to America. This has made it harder for Harry’s family to get justice. Many people view diplomatic immunity as a ‘get out of jail free card’ and find it unfair that people can get away with crimes in foreign countries.

Not long after the accident, Harry’s family was invited to the White House to talk with the woman who is claimed to have caused the accident. The family turned down the opportunity saying that they want to meet her on their terms and in the UK.

On January 18th, a hearing is scheduled in the UK with the 44 year old however; it is expected to be rescheduled. Although, it is warned that justice will be hard to get, the Dunn family are determined to get justice for their son and vow to not stop until it happens. Until the hearing, many are questioning: Will Harry receives justice?