Last Saturday, Cassiobury park presented their annual fireworks show. This is to commemorate the failure of Guy Fawkes attempt to destroy the houses of Parliament. Cassiobury park hold the record for the biggest firework shows in Hertfordshire, organised by the local council themselves!

The annual fireworks display has been running for decades, each year different from the next. Bright colours illuminating the sky with a plethora of entertainment below. The grounds of the park were scattered with food stalls/trucks, funfair rides and a bouncy slide to keep all ages entertained.

Gearing up for the firework’s, Watford town centre was extremely busy with nearby roads littered with parked cars.

The weather was perfectly suited for this event, with a light breeze and minimal rain.

Ellie Newing, who was viewing the fireworks, stated that “[the] Fireworks surpassed my expectations, my first time watching the display and it was absolutely spectacular”. She further expressed that “ There was an incredible atmosphere, and the display went on for over ten minutes… great variety of fireworks, sounds and colours”

The display showcased a myriad of fireworks ranging from small bursts of yellow and red light to huge circles capturing the sky above. To finish of the fireworks the crowds burst into applauds.

To end of the night a DJ was playing music at the front of the park, resulting in crowds of teenagers and families dancing and singing along to songs.