Mr bean is back on the road - This year in September at the worldwide famous good wood revival festival rowan Atkinson formally known as Mr. bean made an incredible appearance

- Yes Mr. bean is most certainly back , not only on a road but this time a race track . Despite the amazing and iconic comedic performances by Rowen Atkinson showing him making a complete mess out of driving, he is way more talented than you think. Who would have thought the Mr. bean that brings laughter to your misery races cars for fun. 

Each year good wood a world-famous local racing track holds the annual event called the revival festival where you dress up in40s 50s 60s 70s period clothes and watch many moto events. It is perfect for all ages and is a spectacular way to celebrate motor sport from the past decades. Many famous former racing drivers show up to compete in historic cars and this year good wood where delighted to have the participation of rowan Atkinson not only show up but partake in a race. Due to technical difficulties which may have been mechanical, he did not do as well but still managed to get his car running and finished the race, which was amazing to watch.        

Now when you watch another Mr. bean episode try picturing him racing in a world-famous motorsport event, or see it for yourself next year. You never know he may just turn up again.