The temperature is rapidly dropping and with the current Cost of Living Crisis affecting the UK and our house heating situations, we need to work harder than usual to find the means of staying warm. Are UGG boots the cure to the plague? 


To some, the infamous Ugg boots are a definite ‘No’ due to their more slipper-like appearance, seeing them as an offence to the more ‘tasteful’ outdoor shoes. There’s been a divide in the fashion industry for years, giving them a marmite nature; but we must agree that they are functional and perfect for keeping warm as it gets colder, though risky when it’s wet.


This year, UGG are stepping up their game with a coloured variety to the classic boot: ‘Our UGG for 2022 nods to streetwear styles and high fashion trends with the OG delicious comfort and snuggly softness you know and love… You’ll discover a glorious mix of new in, updated styles and renewed classics’ (Official UGG Website). These new colours will definitely make you stand out, with colours ranging from ‘Emerald Green’ to ‘Starfish Pink’. If people were questioning the UGG look before, I wonder what they’re thinking now…


But this Autumn they seem be making a strong comeback, already having been worn by many of the teen icons: Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber and both Hadid sisters to name a few. The Noughties nostalgia seems to be driving the comeback force as Tiktok revives the ‘Y2K’ era. Many are looking back to fashion figures like Beyoncé and Paris Hilton for such inspiration; even Kate Middleton took up the UGG numerous times back in the day.  


This shoe is the face of comfort, and in sporting them, you can transform an outfit from uptight and intense to easy-going and cosy, assuming you choose the right one. Personally, I think it’s best to stick to the classics. A nice low cut, and/or platform UGG boot will do the job, don’t go over the top!