Diwali is an auspicious event which celebrates the return of Lord Ram and Sita after conquering Ravana, an epitome of evil. This occurs between the months of October and November which lasts around 5 days. It also marks the New Year in the Hindu calendar. 

Chigwell Mandir excellently embodied the theme of hope, light and compassion. The 100th anniversary of His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj was also celebrated within the festivities of Diwali. His words 'in the joy of others lie our own'. This quote positively impacted the community food bank which consisted of BAPS mandirs all around the world to donate to local shelters and food banks in support of the living crisis.

Over 200 volunteers contributed to this vibrant and fascinating showcase. A vast amount of food was prepared and offered to the deities also known as 'annakut', which was beautifully arranged in gratitude and devotion for the first meal of the New Year. Many people helped organize this event and it took an extensive amount of time to prepare all the food which consisted of numerous traditional Indian dishes and desserts. 

In addition, there was a live showcase from the young students of the Chigwell mandir. Around a total of 95 volunteers aided the production including crew members and youth volunteers. The musical production brought life to an old story from Hindu Scriptures called The Jungle of Gajendra. They displayed an excellent presentation about battling ego and ignorance and the importance of dedication in order to thrive. The second performance taught the many visitors the importance of prayers and hard work through the inspirational life of His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj. 

My mum, a visitor at the Chigwell Mandir, expressed her opinions of the celebrations held at the temple. She shared, 'Diwali hosted by the Chigwell Mandir was a wonderful experience, it's a special time that friends and family come together to celebrate this beautiful festival. We pray together and remember how light always overcomes darkness, good over evil.'

Overall, the Chigwell Mandir brilliantly executed a festive, exquisite celebration commemorating this special day.