Increased pollution levels are the biggest concern shared by all residents and one that LaSalle investors have not addressed. Plans for 211 new homes with a large underground parking space were part of the authorised plans. Hersham Village has single carriage ways in all directions with no nearby train stations. Inevitably these 211 new homes could come with a minimum of 211 new cars which will bring subsequent congestion on the roads, leading to harmful air and noise pollution. 


However on a more positive note, the development plans commit to increasing retail space by 9292 ft.². This will naturally create new job opportunities which is important due to the financial crisis we are experiencing. The developers Quadrant Repurpose have confirmed that the outdated buildings from the 1980’s Will be replaced with new sustainable materials, solar panels and community green areas and the current community centre will be replaced by a trampoline park. 


I spoke to the local community to get their opinions on the redevelopment plans, Jennifer Reading (a local resident) commented ‘I am so sad about what is happening to Hersham and we don’t have the required power as residents to prevent the changes from happening.’. Nevertheless Jules Crepo who moved to the area only a year ago stated, ‘This is just what Hersham needs to move us into the 21st-century,’.


Opinions will always be different and I think in this instance will remain divided.