On the 27th of August, I went to the Donmar Warehouse and witnessed one of the most phenomenal performances based on climate change. The play, ‘The Trials’ by Dawn King, starred Joe Locke and William Gao, two talented actors from the Netflix series, Heartstopper. 


The production is set in a dystopian world where the air is too toxic to breathe. The children of the next generation are suffering due to the mistakes of their predecessors, who are referred to as the ‘dinosaurs.’ These so-called ‘dinosaurs’ are equivalent to the adolescents of today, who are supposedly contributing to the destruction of the future world. The ‘dinosaurs’ are on trial for the death penalty due to their carbon footprint. 


The cast, comprising young actors, made the performance very intense, increasing its impact on the audience. The props on stage were so simplistic yet effective.


The atmosphere was tense and kept everyone on edge. My fellow audience members were perching up on their seats, their eyes eagerly staring at the performance, taking in every word.


After witnessing a formidable performance, I was left in an astute state of realisation. I never thought a single play- with a runtime of only 90 minutes- could change the views and possibly impact the lives of so many people. Undoubtedly, the incredible performance touched the hearts and minds of every single member of the audience, including myself.


I only realised the show's true impact after speaking to the audience. They remarked, “I feel compelled to do better”. 

“I must undo the harm I have inflicted so far.” and 

“A change is needed, and I need to take responsibility.”


After leaving the theatre, my eyes widened in terror at what was in front of me: the cars and buses with a trail of death and despair lingering behind them; the flood of lethal pollutants floating up, infecting the innocent clear blue sky. 


Climate change and global warming are both topics of conversation on a day-to-day basis. While its importance is repeatedly stressed, it has often been undermined by other events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, we cannot forget that it is our responsibility to ensure that we are conscious of the choices that we are making and act accordingly. 


Remember that this is a global issue, and every inhabitant should uphold the responsibility of our world.