The Queens death hurt our nation more then we really expected. The news of Queen Elizabeth II's death really affected my family and I, in a way we never would have thought it would. My family and I do like the royal family but have never been too interested in what they are doing, this is why it came as a surprise when we all deeply mourned her loss. We were all gathered in the living room when it was announced, and it made me reflect on the amazing things she has done for our country. Later that night, I was thinking about the shock it caused, and found myself in a state of unhappiness. This is what inspired me to persuade my family to go to the Mall and watch the funeral. So we did just that. We went to her funeral. It was an experience I will never forget as we watched Kate and Meghan drive past waving on their way to Westminster Abbey, then the grandchildren and the Queens children. When we were standing by the Mall, the crowd were listening to the commentary through speaker hung on the trees. Our nation gathered that day and forgot all their worries and mourned our Queen. 

This is where my point of how the Brits just amazingly put together such a gobsmacking event in only 9 days and make it so memorable. 

I remeber playing monopoly with my family on the day and talking to others who had also come into London. The best view was from either the front or if you stood on a little post that were just on the pathway parallel to the Mall. It was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be camping out for King Charles Coronation.