Elon Musk. A name recognised by many for being an immensely successful entrepreneur. Some of his highly prosperous accomplishments include being CEO of the space company SpaceX, the CEO of the electric car company Tesla, co-founder of PAYPAL, and his newly confirmed purchase which resulted in his ownership of Twitter (Which he bought for an outstanding $44b)! 

However, this success, though grand, has resulted in Twitter facing a class-action lawsuit by former and current Twitter employees. Why? Well, let's find out...

Twitter was purchased by Musk on 27th October 2022. Soon after, he informed the 7,500 employees that on Friday 4th November, an email will be sent to the employees confirming whether or not they still had their jobs. This was due to Musk claiming that as many as 50% of the employees had to be fired after saying in a tweet, "regarding Twitter’s reduction in force, unfortunately, there is no choice when the company is losing over $4M/day." 

However, there is one key thing that Musk looked over: Federal Law. In the WARN Act- U.S worker adjustment and Retraining notification- employers must provide 60 days' notice in mass layoffs or a plant closing. Seeing as Twitter was looking to lay off more than 3000 workers, it is a mass layoff!

Due to this, 6 employees (5 from San Fransisco and 1 from Massachusetts) filed a lawsuit that they want to be fought as a class action against Twitter for not abiding by these laws. The case is ' Cornet v. Twitter,' and is docket no. '22-CV-06857.' There is yet to be any further development, including court proceedings or a counter-suit from Musk. However, this is not his first lawsuit with Tesla having faced 1200 lawsuits in the past! 

Do you think the employees are doing right by themselves by fighting against a movement which can cost them to be jobless over a weekend? Or should they understand the loss it is causing Twitter to provide a 60 day notice? 

Either way, it is against the law, so it should be very interesting to see how this unfolds!