Harry Potter and the cursed child follows the new adventures and fears of Harry Potter's youngest son, Albus Severus Potter in his new found troubles of being the most different and dangerous in his family, with even more adventures than his father. The golden trio has been updated and is this update Good or Bad? Will they be the children of the original golden trio? Or will there be children of worlds that we would never thought would collide?

The magic experienced within this show is like no other with disappearing people, talking and moving books and dementors ready to eat your souls just in time for Halloween. The special effects in this certain play are like no other and they are one of the most amazing and one of the main factors to watch this play because ift feels like you're really at Hogwarts, experiencing all the magic first hand and it feels like you just jumped into the secret world of magic that they've tried tried so hard to keep from us.

Fans of this particular fandom have had mixed thoughts on the play because they feel as it is not written by JK Rowling that it is not what she envisioned for Harry Potter's family, when in fact JK Rowling was very involved in the writing of the play along side John Tiffany and Jack Thorne  and agreed with most of thier ideas of the characters' lives in this era. People who have watched this play have said "It was like walking into a story book." by Kitty Whiting.