Planet Circus OMG arrived in Coventry to showcase their all new 2022 show, containing wonderful and thrilling 2 hour performances. 


If you want 2 hours of joyful entertainment, then Planet Circus is most definitely a place for you! Gracing the streets of Coventry, Planet Circus brought in a variety of spectacular performances involving multiple jaw-dropping stunts and acrobatics.


One which definitely left many surprised was the excessively large “hamster wheel”- the audience were not only left with a rush of adrenaline and excitement, but also an immense amount of shock at the strength and fearlessness of the performers. Additionally, the acrobatic performances were a marvelous sight to see; just when you thought it was over, the aerialists surprised us with more of their talent!


Though the most spectacular part of the show would have to be The Peter Pavlov Team, which “can only been seen at Planet Circus”. It was one of their grand finales, which had left everyone with their eyes and mouths wide open. 


We should very much acknowledge the level of talent these performers hold, as well as the hard work and dedication they put in to make the show enjoyable for the audience. It was lively, fun and utterly ecstatic. 


If you haven't already, it is absolutely necessary to book tickets to see the show as soon as possible- and if you’ve already had the privilege to enjoy the show, it won’t hurt to come back again!   

To book tickets, you can go to their website