People flocked to Norman Park with their coats, scarves, gloves and blankets on Friday 5th November. For one night only, the familiar field in Bromley was transformed into a “Fantastic Fireworks Funfair”.


Blinding lights, delicious donuts, rides perfect for thrill-seekers and a sea of people. For some, this is the definition of hours of joy and entertainment, but for others, a stomach-turning experience which they would gladly miss. But this was just the build up to the true star of the show: the fireworks.


The gates opened at 5pm, granting people access to rides such as scrambler and twister. Or for anyone who did not wish to get spun around or thrown into the chilly November air, there were other activities to do such as hook-a-duck and the house of fun. There were six different stalls to buy food from and the options ranged from hot drinks, brightly coloured sweets and more substantial meals, like hot dogs and curry ‘n’ chips. The event was made family friendly by providing smaller rides for young children to enjoy with their parents or older siblings.


The fireworks started at 8pm and lasted for 20 minutes. People gathered behind the silver railings set up towards the far end of the park. Excitement began building after the large, yellow light that guided everyone was turned off. The display gained lots of “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd and everyone was left speechless at the sight of the rockets and Catherine wheels lighting up the skies.